FubuMVC Lessons Learned

This is an aggregation of my blog series on FubuMVC Lessons Learned.  While we (I) didn’t really succeed as an OSS project in terms of user base and visibility, we did some technical work that might be useful to other teams and projects.

So Far:


(Maybe) Yet to Come:

These are the subjects I’m thinking about writing about later. Honestly, these blog posts have been cathartic for me. Other than being constantly slammed for poor documentation and whining about us using Rake instead of [fill in the blank] build tool, the response has been mostly positive.

  • Routing and Url Resolution (why I think FubuMVC did it better than Web API does it)
  • FubuMVC’s approach to diagnostics.  Our diagnostics didn’t overlap much with Glimpse and I think other fx’s could benefit
  • IoC integration into frameworks and why I hate almost every IoC abstraction ever written
  • Using strong typing advantageously
  • The value of an underlying Semantic Model for frameworks
  • A lot more on modularity
  • More on “one model in, one model out”
  • Working with HTTP (we could have done it much better)
  • My thoughts on OWIN (hate using it, love the possibilities) and why ASP.Net itself needs to go to the source control repository in the sky
  • FubuMVC’s approach to middleware w/ the Russian Doll model
  • Using Convention over Configuration effectively
  • Redirects and Transfers in a testable way
  • Collapsing an application down into a single process for testing
  • Automated Testing w/ FubuMVC.  How we built testability features directly into the framework itself.
  • Making distributed development easier w/ Bottles and multiple AppDomain’s
  • Content negotiation.  I think a lot of the .Net web fx’s have struggled with this a bit and we did too.
  • Asset management and integration w/ the server side framework. Discussing what our original asset pipeline was and how it fell down, then the newer lightweight asset pipeline for 2.0 I’m excited about and our integration w/ Mimosa.js for the real heavy lifting.
  • FubuTransportation — the service bus we wrote on top of FubuMVC

4 thoughts on “FubuMVC Lessons Learned

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  3. Razvan

    If your time permits let me be the first to ask to continue the series. It’s been an insightful read (even though i have not used FUBU)

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