Open Source Projects

I’m the technical founder and leader of several actively used open source projects:

  • Marten — Postgresql as a Document Db and Event Store for .Net
  • Lamar — Fast IoC container, successor to StructureMap, and sundry chicanery with Roslyn
  • Baseline — The obligatory collection of extension methods and utilities to fill in the gaps in the BCL
  • Alba — A humble library for integration testing against ASP.Net Core applications
  • Jasper — The next generation server side framework for service bus and web applications. The successor project to FubuMVC and FubuTransportation.
  • Oakton — a command line parsing tool for extensible commands on your .Net 5 application

Mothballed Projects

  • StructureMap — The oldest continuously used IoC container in .Net
  • Storyteller — Executable Specifications and Living Documentation Generation for .Net
  • FubuMVC — Alternative web framework and messaging framework for .Net

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