Hello again.

Most of you stumbling into this will know that I’m a longtime blogger on the CodeBetter site, but not so much the past 2-3 years.  I used to write an absurd amount of content on software design, Agile practices, and automated testing:

I’ve frequently told people that starting to blog was the best thing I’ve ever done for my career and I’ve encouraged other people to blog as well.  It was a much more innocent time when I started blogging and I enjoyed it.  Then came ALT.NET, endless bile and frustration over whatever Microsoft was doing, and a celebrity programmer saying at a conference that he was such a nice guy and not “one of those CodeBetter guys pounding on the table and telling you how you’re supposed to code.”  Add a lot of personal stress and my involvement with several OSS projects and it was pretty natural that I more or less stopped blogging. 

Here lately I’ve started to miss writing and I’m even generating ideas for new posts.  To that end, and my simple desire to keep things more positive for myself overall, I have three career related New Year’s Resolutions this year:

  1. Avoid “nerd rage” events and don’t every be this guy again.  I’m hoping to keep the word “rant” very tiny in the keyword cloudmap for this new blog.
  2. Eliminate myself as a bottleneck in all the open source projects that I’m involved with – and that means a lot more information sharing and visibility into what’s going on.
  3. Blog more ideas and information, tweet less noise.  As I was writing this blog post I was also watching a twitter conversation on mocking dependencies that ended with this


So, all that being said, welcome to my new little blog.  I’ll be writing on a semi-regular basis about whatever software topic I’m interested in at the moment, the OSS projects I’m involved with, and I’d even like to go back and rewrite some of the material from my original blog on topics like mocking and TDD just to see how my own thinking has changed since then.


17 thoughts on “Hello again.

  1. Great to hear, Jeremy – missed seeing your blog posts over the last few years. Looking forward to the fresh start.

  2. Jeremy, you don’t know me but you have made a huge impact in my approach to software development using .net. Furthermore, I was able to take the ideas and approaches that I’ve learned from you over the years and used them to inspire *teams* of programmers. These are the corporate types, the ones that would typically never get involved with open-source projects or explore things outside of their comfort zone. Their horizons have been broadened considerably though your work. You have certainly made a difference.

    I don’t want to ramble on here so i’ll sum up with a simple “thank you” for everything that you do. You have a profound impact on scores of developers even if don’t always see it. We are anxiously looking forward to your future writings. Thanks for jumping back in – we missed you!

  3. Glad to have you back blogging. I learned a lot from your codebetter postsand was even inspired to start my own musings.

    Looking forward to hearing and learning more

  4. Jeremy

    Sorry to read about the reasons you stopped blogging first time round. Life is too short for the ranting and getting upset with people, let alone at those you may or may not know or respect.

    Welcome back.

  5. Glad you’ve returned, can we make post requests? :)) Like what do you think of CQRS. Did you used it? bla bla.

    BTW, I am happy that you will write again about your old topics. I wonder the changes in your ideas over years. Or ideas becoming experiences…

  6. I’ve found a lot of your previous posts to be useful in the past; thanks for that. The whole negative attitude that seemed to be overly abundant in the ALT.NET community got rediculous at times. It unfortunately detracts from a lot of good ideas. There does seems to be a large number of angry nerds out there. That is honestly something I’ve never understood.

  7. I’m very interested in hearing how you used RavenDB while doing CQRS. Did you use indexes to provide the view models? If no, why not? Did you use separate databases? Anyway, great to be reading your blog again!

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