StructureMap 4.1 is Out

I just made pushed the nuget for StructureMap 4.1 to and updated the documentation website for the changes. It’s not a huge release, but there were some bug fixes and one new feature that folks were asking for. StructureMap tries hard to follow Semantic Versioning guidelines, and the minor point version just denotes that there are new public API’s, but no existing API’s from 4.0.* were changed.

Thank you to everyone who contributed pull requests and to the users who patiently worked with me to understand what was going wrong in their StructureMap usage.

What’s different?

For the entire list, see the GitHub issue list for 4.1. The highlights are:

  1. The assembly discovery mechanism in type scanning has new methods to scan for “.exe” files as Assembly candidates. I had removed “.exe” file searching in 4.0 thinking that it was more problematic than helpful, then several users asked for it back.
  2. The assembly discovery handles the PrivateBinPath of the AppDomain in all (known) cases now
  3. Child container creation is thread safe now



9 thoughts on “StructureMap 4.1 is Out

  1. I’m curious, nested containers wasn’t previous thread safe? What would happen when using it multi threaded (which i do all the time)? Is it a bug fix?

    1. @Stig,

      “Child Containers” != “Nested Containers”

      *Nested* container creation has always been thread safe. The internal collection of *Child* containers was not thread safe because I didn’t really foresee that folks would be creating them on the fly at runtime — and of course, that’s exactly what somebody was doing.

      – Jeremy

    1. @Reza,

      A couple things:

      1.) You haven’t given me any real information about your problem other than screaming caps that I could have used to help solve the problem

      2.) This isn’t the right place for StructureMap issues (use the GitHub issue list please)

      3.) Did you google this error? You should end up on a page telling you about a patch to your .Net runtime that should address this failure. It’s not StructureMap itself here, it’s likely .Net handling some kind of generic type in your codebase badly

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