Marten Gets Serious with v0.8

EDIT: DotNetRocks just published a new episode about Marten.

I just pushed a new v0.8 version of Marten to with a handful of new features, a lot of bugfixes, and a slew of refinements in response to feedback from our early adopters. I feel like this release added some polish to Marten, and I largely attribute that to how helpful our community has been in making suggestions and contributing pull requests based on their early usage.

The documentation site has been updated to reflect the new changes and additions to Marten for v0.8. The full list of changes and bug fixes for v0.8 is available in the GitHub issue history for this milestone.

Release Highlights

  1. Marten got a lot more sophisticated about how it updates schema objects in the underlying Postgresql database. See the changes to AutoCreateSchemaObjects and the ability to update a table for additional “searchable” columns instead of dropping and recreating tables in the documentation.
  2. Bulk Deletes” by a query without first having to load documents before deleting them
  3. The Linq parsing support got worked over pretty hard, including some new linq query support extensibility.
  4. New mechanisms for instrumentation and diagnostics within Marten. I’ll have a blog post next week about how we’re going to integrate with this at work for profiling database activity in our web and service bus apps.
  5. A lot of work to integrate the forthcoming event store functionality. I left this out of the documentation updates for now, but there’ll be a lot more about this later.


What’s Up Next?

There’s some preliminary planning for Marten v0.9 on GitHub. The very next feature I’m tackling is going to be our equivalent to RavenDb’s Include() feature (but I think we’re going to do it differently). Other than that, I think the theme of the next release is going to be addressing the “read side” of Marten applications with view projections by finally supporting “Select()” in the Linq support and some mix of Javascript or .Net projections.

A note on the versioning

While I am a big believer in semantic versioning (or at least I think it’s far better than having nothing), Marten is still pre 1.0 and a few public API’s did change. We haven’t discussed a timeline for the all important “1.0” release, but I’m hopeful that that can happen by this summer (2016).


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