StructureMap 4.3 Fully Embraces CoreCLR

EDIT 8/2: A lot of folks are asking me why SM targets both Netstandard 1.3 and 1.5 and I left that explanation out of the blog post because I was in too much of a hurry yesterday. The only single difference is that with 1.5 StructureMap can try to load an assembly by file path, which only comes into play if you’re using StructureMap to discover assemblies from the file path and an assembly name does not match the file name. I thought it was worthwhile to drop down to 1.3 without that small feature to expand StructureMap’s reach. We’ll see if I’m even remotely right.

I just uploaded StructureMap 4.3 to Nuget today. The big change (95% of my work) was to completely embrace the new world order of CoreCLR, the dotnet cli, and (for now) the project.json system. As such, I consolidated all of the real code back into the root StructureMap.dll project and relied on conditional compilation. This release also adds a great deal of functionality for type scanning and assembly scanning to the CoreCLR targets that were previously only available in the full .Net framework version.

StructureMap >=4.0 supported the CoreCLR through the old “dotnet” target, but we were only compiling to that target. Between users having Nuget issues with the old nomenclature and a CoreCLR specific bug, it was time to convert all the way and make sure that the tests were running against the CoreCLR version of StructureMap on our CI server.

What a StructureMap user needs to know before adopting 4.3…

  • The Nuget now targets .Net 4.5, Netstandard 1.3, and Netstandard 1.5
  • PCL profiles have been dropped for now, but I’m willing to try to put that back in if anyone requests it. That’s definitely a place where I’d love to have some help because I don’t do any mobile development that would test out that build.
  • The old StructureMap.Net4 assembly that used to be in the StructureMap nuget is gone. I’m relying on conditional compilation instead.
  • Any project that uses FubuMVC 3’s service bus should probably update to 4.3 for a big performance optimization that was impacting that functionality.


The complete list of changes and bug fixes is here.


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