Proposed Roadmap for Marten 1.0 and Beyond

I’m just thinking out loud here and hoping for some usable feedback.

I feel like Marten is getting very close to an official 1.0 release, and the latest Nuget is marked as 1.0-alpha. The Marten community voted on our minimum feature set for 1.0 earlier this year and we’ve finished everything on that list as of late July (right before I went on a long family vacation;)).

Some thoughts on the big 1.0:

  • I’m a big believer in semantic versioning, so an OSS tool reaching 1.0 is a big deal because that starts the draconian versioning rules about backward compatibility. You want to get pretty close to a livable API before you throw that switch to 1.0.
  • It’s a chicken and egg kind of conundrum. What we need right now is more users spawning yet more feedback about Marten. I’d love to have more usage before flipping Marten to 1.0, but we’ll get a lot more users after we release it as 1.0.
  • In this day and age of package managers like Nuget, it’s a lot less friction to make more frequent releases and update your dependencies, so going 1.0 now knowing that 1.0.* bug fix releases and 1.* feature releases will be coming soon just isn’t that worrisome.
  • I feel pretty good about the document database side of Marten, but the event store functionality is still churning and it’s less mature.
  • We’re basically out of low hanging fruit kind of features on the document storage and Linq support
  • My shop is doing the work right now to transition a very large web application from RavenDb to Marten. Right now I’m thinking that the first version of Marten that goes into production across all of that application will be declared to be 1.0.

All that being said, my best guess for an official Marten 1.0 release is around October 1st. Right now my biggest issues on my plate are really all around schema management and our database team’s requirements for the DDL generation. And more documentation, but that battle never ends. Plenty of pull requests are still flowing in, but I think I’m personally done with any kind of major feature work for awhile unless there’s noticeable demand from the community for specific features.


Marten 1.1 and Beyond

Based on our current issue list and requests from the Marten Gitter room, I think this list is where Marten goes next after the 1.0 release:

  • Better support for child collections on documents
  • More types of event store projections — if you’re looking to get into doing some OSS work, I think these are our most approachable stories in the backlog
    • Project to a flat table for better reporting?
    • Projections that use the output of other projections
    • Arbitrary categorization of projected views (by customer, by region, etc.). Some of our users have already done this themselves, but it’s not in Marten itself yet
  • Multi-tenancy support. My thinking right now is that we don’t directly put this into Marten, but make sure that there are adequate hooks to do this easily yourself. There’s a lot more information in the GitHub issue linked to above.
  • Possibly try to support the Linq GroupBy() operator. That might also lead into some kind of map/reduce capability within Marten. We’ve had the feedback that “Marten isn’t a real document db because it doesn’t have map/reduce.” I think that’s nonsense, but we might very well need to have a better story for creating aggregated views into the document state — which may or may not be best done as some kind of formal map/reduce strategy.
  • More support on document structural changes. Marten can already handle transformations of a single document type, but we’ll need to be able to later address document type names being changed, multiple document types getting combined (this is potentially a big deal for one of our systems), and whatever else we bump into next spring when we start optimizing a big system at work;)
  • Being able to do document transformation with more than one document at time. This would mean being able to use related documents in the same Select() transformation. Also, we’ll probably need to be able to use Javascript transformations across multiple document types.

There’s some other things in the GitHub issue list, but the above is what I’m thinking about right now for 1.1 and beyond.

Thoughts? Concerns? Requests? Let us know either here, the GitHub issue list, or the Marten Gitter room.



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