New StructureMap Extensions for Aspect Oriented Programming and AutoFactories

StructureMap gets a couple new, official extension libraries today that have both been baking for quite awhile courtesy of Dmytro Dziuma. Both libraries target both .Net 4.5+ and the CoreCLR (Netstandard 1.3 to be exact).

First off, there’s the StructureMap.DynamicInterception package that makes it easy to apply Aspect Oriented Programming techniques as StructureMap interceptors. Here’s the introduction and documentation page in the StructureMap website for the library.

Secondly, there’s the long awaited StructureMap.AutoFactory library that adds the “auto factory” feature to StructureMap that many folks that came from Windsor had requested over the years. Check out the documentation for the library on the StructureMap website.

A big thanks to Dmytro for all the work he did with these libraries — and an apology from me for having dragged my feet on these things for ages:/


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