Sunsetting StructureMap

I haven’t really been hiding this, but I apparently need to be more clear that I do not intend to do any further development work on StructureMap other than trying to keep up with pull requests and bugs that have no workaround. My focus is on other projects these days and I’m trying to cut down on the time I spend on OSS work as well. If someone wants to take over maintenance, I’d be happy to help someone else take it on. With umpteen dozen .Net IoC containers on GitHub and Nuget and the new built in DI container in ASP.Net Core, I feel like there’s plenty of tools for whatever folks need.

I am working on the BlueMilk project as an intended successor project to StructureMap that should be able to serve as an offramp to many shops developing on StructureMap today. BlueMilk will be a much smaller library that retains what I feel to be the core capabilities of StructureMap, while ditching most of the legacy design decisions that hold StructureMap back and keep my inbox filled with user questions.

For some perspective, I started working on what became StructureMap the summer before my oldest son was born, and he’s starting High School this coming fall. The highlight of my conference speaking history was probably a QCon where I gave a talk about “lessons learned from a long lived codebase” all about working with StructureMap — in 2008!



4 thoughts on “Sunsetting StructureMap

  1. I’ve been using StructureMap for *at least* 10 years, and am still using it on recent greenfield projects, so quite sorry to hear this 😦

    It’s true there are plenty of alternatives, but I’ve always found StructureMap’s API to be the most intuitive to work with. So, thanks for all your work on StructureMap over the years!

    BlueMilk sounds interesting, do you have any idea when it will be considered good enough for production?

  2. Is this actually still a thing? It’s not mentioned (anymore) on the StructureMap site on

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