Talking Integration Testing w/ .Net at CodeMash 2019

I’m officially approved by all pertinent bosses and spouses to go, so I’ll be speaking at CodeMash 2019 (think this is the 6th time for me). I’m doing a pre-compiler workshop this time around that’s going to be all new material. If you’re reading this and it’s not already January, feel very, very free to make requests or suggestions on scenarios you’d be interested in seeing as part of the workshop;)

Successful Integration Testing in .Net


In the very early days of Agile development and Test Driven Development, we strove to structure our code such that we could write isolated unit tests with little or no coupling to infrastructure. Great, and it helped, but frequently that led to more complicated code internals and you still had issues from interactions with said infrastructure. What if instead, we could more effectively do quick, reliable integration testing? Could that simplify some of our code — especially when combined with microservice architectures? Do we need to reconsider where our efforts go in the old “testing pyramid?” How does ASP.Net Core support far better server side testing than previous versions? Where does HTTP contract testing fit in? Can Docker help us out? Should we pursue other techniques besides just trying to use Selenium? What about using alternative NoSQL style databases? Or if I’m stuck with relational databases, what can we do to soften the aggravations?

I’ll try to address all these questions and tackle automated testing best practices in this workshop.


3 thoughts on “Talking Integration Testing w/ .Net at CodeMash 2019

  1. Ah! Wish I could be there to see you on this very subject. I spoke last year, but they didn’t find my abstracts clever enough this year, and my conference budget isn’t robust enough to also go to this non-free. Hopefully the session recording is more consistent this year. Would love to see your talk.

  2. This is a timely blog post as I was pondering many of the same questions in my own head just yesterday.

    Maybe you could write a blog post addressing these questions? Failing that, a video of your talk would be great.

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