Lamar v7 meets .Net 6, Minimal APIs, and IAsyncDisposable

It’s been a busy couple weeks in OSS world for me scurrying around and getting things usable in .Net 6. Today I’m happy to announce the release of Lamar 7.0. The Nuget for Lamar itself and Lamar.Microsoft.DependencyInjection with adjusted dependencies for .Net 6 went up yesterday, and I made some additions to the documentation website just now. There are no breaking changes in the API, but Lamar dropped all support for any version of .Net < .Net 5.0. Before I get into the highlights, I’d like to thank:

  • Babu Annamalai for making the docs so easy to re-publish
  • Khalid Abuhakmeh and Stephan Steiger for their help with the Minimal API support
  • Andrew Lock for writing some very helpful blog posts about new .Net 6 internals that have helped me get through .Net 6 improvements to several tools the past couple weeks.

Lamar and Minimal API

Lamar v7 adds some specific support for better usability of the new Minimal API feature in ASP.Net Core. Below is the sample we use in the Lamar documentation and the internal tests:

var builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args);

// use Lamar as DI.
builder.Host.UseLamar((context, registry) =>
    // register services using Lamar

    // add the controllers

var app = builder.Build();

// [FromServices] is NOT necessary when using Lamar v7
app.MapGet("/", (ITest service) => service.SayHello());


Lamar and IAsyncDisposable

Just copy/pasting the documentation here…

The Lamar IContainer itself, and all nested containers (scoped containers in .Net DI nomenclature) implement both IDisposable and IAsyncDisposable. It is not necessary to call both Dispose() and DisposeAsync() as either method will dispose all tracked IDisposable / IAsyncDisposable objects when either method is called.

// Asynchronously disposing the container
await container.DisposeAsync();

The following table explains what method is called on a tracked object when the creating container is disposed:

If an object implements…Container.Dispose()Container.DisposeAsync()
IDisposable and IAsyncDisposableDisposeAsync()DisposeAsync()

If any objects are being created by Lamar that only implement IAsyncDisposable, it is probably best to strictly use Container.DisposeAsync() to avoid any problematic mixing of sync and async code.


2 thoughts on “Lamar v7 meets .Net 6, Minimal APIs, and IAsyncDisposable

  1. “`
    // [FromServices] is NOT necessary when using Lamar v7
    app.MapGet(“/”, (ITest service) => service.SayHello());

    My understanding was the `FromServices` was used in scenarios where the pre-registration was not done.

    Unless I’m mis-understanding the attributes intent?

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