Marten V5 is out!

The Marten team published Marten V5.0 today! It’s not as massive a leap as the Marten V4 release late last year was (and a much, much easier transition from 4 to 5 than 3 to 4 was:)), but I think this addresses a lot of the user issues folks have had with the V4 and makes Marten a much better tool in production and in development.

Some highlights:

  • The release notes and the 5.0 GitHub milestone issues.
  • The closed GitHub milestone just to prove we were busy
  • Fully supports .Net 6 and the latest version of Npgsql for folks who use Marten in combination with Dapper or *gasp* EF Core
  • Marten finally supports doing multi-tenancy through a “database per tenant” strategy with Marten fully able to handle schema migrations across all the known databases!
  • There were a lot of improvements to the database change management and the “pre-built code generation” model has a much easier to use alternative now. See the Development versus Production Usage. Also see the new AddMarten().ApplyAllDatabaseChangesOnStartup() option here.
  • I went through the Marten internals with a fine toothed comb to try and eliminate async within sync calls using .GetAwaiter().GetResult() to try to prevent deadlock issues that some users had reported with, shall we say, “alternative” Marten usages.
  • You can now add and resolve additional document stores in one .Net application.
  • There’s a new option for “custom aggregations” in the event sourcing support for advanced aggregations that fall outside of what was currently possible. This still allows for the performance optimizations we did for Marten V4 aggregates without having to roll your own infrastructure.

As always, thank you to Oskar Dudycz and Babu Annamalai for all their contributions as Marten is fortunately a team effort.

I’ll blog some later this and next week on the big additions. 5.0.1 will inevitably follow soon with who knows what bug fixes. And after that, I’m taking a break on Marten development for a bit:)


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