New Wolverine Release & Future Plans

After plenty of keystone cops shenanigans with CI automation today that made me question my own basic technical competency, there’s a new Wolverine 0.9.8 release on Nuget today with a variety of fixes and some new features. The documentation website was also re-published.

First, some thanks:

  • Wojtek Suwala made several fixes and improvements to the EF Core integration
  • Ivan Milosavljevic helped fix several hanging tests on CI, built the MemoryPack integration, and improved the FluentValidation integration
  • Anthony made his first OSS contribution (?) to help fix quite a few issues with the documentation
  • My boss and colleague Denys Grozenok for all his support with reviewing docs and reporting issues
  • Kebin for improving the dead letter queue mechanics

The highlights:

Dogfooding baby!

Conveniently enough, I’m part of a little officially sanctioned skunkworks team at work experimenting with converting a massive distributed monolithic application to the full Marten + Wolverine “critter stack.” I’m very encouraged by the effort so far, and it’s driven some recent features in Wolverine’s execution model to handle complexity in enterprise systems. More on that soon.

It’s also pushing the story for interoperability with NServiceBus on the other end of Rabbit MQ queues. Strangely enough, no one is interested in trying to convert a humongous distributed system to Wolverine in one round of work. Go figure.

When will Wolverine hit 1.0?

There’s a little bit of awkwardness in that Marten V6.0 (don’t worry, that’s a much smaller release than 4/5) needs to be released first and I haven’t been helping Oskar & Babu with that recently, but I think we’ll be able to clear that soon.

My “official” plan is to finish the documentation website by the end of February and make the 1.0 release by March 1st. Right now, Wolverine is having its tires kicked by plenty of early users and there’s plenty of feedback (read: bugs or usability issues) coming in that I’m trying to address quickly. Feature wise, the only things I’m hoping to have done by 1.0 are:

  • Using more native capabilities of Azure Service Bus, Rabbit MQ, and AWS SQS for dead letter queues and delayed messaging. That’s mostly to solidify some internal abstractions.
  • It’s a stretch goal, but have Wolverine support Marten’s multi-tenancy through a database per tenant strategy. We’ll want that for internal MedeAnalytics usage, so it might end up being a priority
  • Some better integration with ASP.Net Core Minimal API

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