FubuMVC Turns 1.0

The FubuMVC team has published a 1.0 version of the main libraries (FubuMVC.Core, FubuMVC.StructureMap, FubuMVC.AutoFac, FubuMVC.Core.UI, and the view engines) to the public nuget feed.  We’re certainly not “done,” and we’re severely lacking in some areas (*cough* documentation *cough*), but I’m happy with our technical core and feel like we’re able to make that all important, symbolic declaration of “SemVer 1/the major public API signatures are stable.”

It’s been a long journey from Chad Myers and I’s talk at KaizenConf all the way back in 2008 to CodeMash in 2013 and in this highly collaborative OSS on GitHub world, we’ve had a lot of collaborators.  In particular, I’d like to thank Chad Myers and Josh Flanagan for their help at the beginning, Josh Arnold for being my coding partner the past couple years, Corey Kaylor for being the grown up in the room, and Alex Johannessen for his boundless enthusiasm.  I’ve genuinely enjoyed my interactions with the FubuMVC community and I look forward to seeing us grow in the new year.

There’s plenty more to do, but for a week or so, my only priority is rest (and finishing the last couple hundred pages of A Memory of Light) — and that doesn’t have anything to do with HATEOAS or hypermedia.


What’s not there yet…

I saw somebody on Twitter last week saying that the “U” in FubuMVC stands for “undocumented,” and that it’s so bad that we had to use two “U’s.”  I’m very painfully aware of this, and I think we’re ready to start addressing the issue permanently.

  • A good “quick start” nuget and guide.  The FubuMVC team made a heroic effort over the past couple months to make the FubuMVC 1.0 release just before our CodeMash workshop this week, and I dropped the ball on updating the old “FubuMVC” nuspec file to be relevant to the streamlined API’s as they are now.  
  • The new “FubuWorld” website with documentation on all of the major and hopefully most of the minor FubuMVC projects (including StructureMap and StoryTeller as well).  We effectively wrote our own FubuMVC-hosted version of readthedocs, but we haven’t yet exploited this capability and gotten a new website with updated documentation online.  I’m deeply scarred by my experiences with documenting StructureMap and how utterly useless it has been.   This time the projects will have strong support for living documentation.
  • Lots of Camtasia videos
  • Lots of google-able blog posts

10 thoughts on “FubuMVC Turns 1.0

  1. Congratulations! While I agree there is more to do, especially with respect to documentation, I think the road ahead for Fubu has tremendous promise, and I am excited to see what comes next. Keep up the good work, and get some well deserved rest.

  2. Congrats, Jeremy — to you and Josh and Corey and all the others who helped in the push the last year or so.

    Great job!

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