FubuMVC at Monkeyspaces

I will be joining a very impressive group of speakers at this year’s MonkeySpace conference in Chicago to give a couple talks related to FubuMVC:

Exploring the FubuMVC and Bottles Ecosystem

I think that the combination of FubuMVC with Bottles represents the very best modularity solution in all of .Net and that it’s competitive with anything else out there.  In this talk I’m going to try to back up that claim with a quick demonstration of rapidly building out your application infrastructure with the existing ecosystem of drop in FubuMVC plugins (bottles). I’ll pull back the curtains and talk about the architectural decisions that made all the modularity possible and what we learned along the way.

Dependency Management in .Net OSS Development

The Fubu project ecosystem is big and growing.  For the past couple years we’ve used a combination of Nuget and TeamCity to quickly push build products and dependencies from upstream projects to downstream consumers. We ran into a lot of technical problems and limitations with just about everything we’ve ever tried to do. In this talk I’ll show you the new ripple tool (ripple is sort of to Nuget as Bundler is to gems) we’ve built and adopted to smooth out consuming and publishing Nugets across the 60 odd fubu-related repositories.  I’ll also show some concrete examples of how standardization has smoothed out the process.

For myself, I’m looking forward to Sebastien’s ReST talk, seeing what’s going on with OWIN, and making sure that every poor Microsoft attendee who crosses my path knows exactly how much pain strong naming + Nuget causes us.

I’ll be looking forward to meeting new people at MonkeySpace and catching up with friends I haven’t seen in quite a while (and getting out of the Texas summer heat for a couple days).

See you there.


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