Notes from the CodeMash 2019 Automated Testing w/ .Net Workshop

I gave a workshop on Succeeding with Automated Testing with .Net yesterday at CodeMash 2019. First off, as usual for CodeMash, the crowd was great and all the interaction made the workshop go a lot easier for me. Thank you all for coming yesterday.

As promised, here are the notes from the session:

  • The slide deck and most of the samples are in this GitHub repository
  • Alba was the library we were using to test ASP.Net Core by running requests through our application in process. Not coincidentally, I made an Alba 3.0 release just this morning with some improvements and documentation updates to reflect the latest stuff I added for the workshop.
  • Storyteller was what I was using for the business facing acceptance tests.
  • Respawn was the tool I mentioned from Jimmy Bogard that helps you reset test state in relational databases between tests


Further reading  (by me):




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