Alba 3.1 supercharges your ASP.Net Core HTTP Contract Testing

I was just able to push a Nuget for Alba 3.1 that adds support for ASP.Net Core 3.0 and updated the documentation website to reflect the mild additions. Big thanks are in order to Lauri Kotilainen and Jonathan Mezach for making this release happen.

If you’re not familiar with Alba, in its current incarnation it’s a wrapper around the ASP.Net Core TestServer that adds a whole lot of useful helpers to make your testing of ASP.Net Core HTTP services be much more declarative and easier than it is with TestServer alone.

Alba is descended from some built in support for HTTP contract testing in FubuMVC that I salvaged and adapted for usage with ASP.Net Core a few years back. Finally, Alba has used TestServer rather than its own homegrown HTTP runner since the big 3.0 release this January.


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