Joining MedeAnalytics

I joined MedeAnalytics last week in a leadership role within their architecture team. Besides helping tackle strategic technical goals like messaging, test automation, and cloud architecture, I’m trying to play the Martin Fowler-style “bumble bee” role across development teams on topics like tools, techniques, and the technologies we use.

I’m hopeful that being in a strategic role where I’m constantly neck deep in technical challenges and learning new things will reboot my blogging a bit, but we’ll see. Right off the bat, I’ve been reading up on the C4 Model for describing software architecture and the Structurizr toolset as a way of reverse engineering our existing systems for my own edification. At least expect a positive review of both soon.

I don’t know how this will change my OSS work at the moment, other than I’ll be answering Lamar issues raised by my new MedeAnalytics colleagues a lot faster than I probably did for them before 🙂


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