Brief Update on Marten V4

The latest, greatest Marten V4 release candidate is up on Nuget this morning. Marten V4 has turned out to be a massive undertaking for an OSS project with a small team, but we’re not that far off what’s turned into our “Duke Nukem Forever” release. We’re effectively “code complete” other than occasional bugs coming in from early users — which is fortunately a good thing as it’s helped us make some things more robust without impacting the larger community.

At this point it’s mostly a matter of completing the documentation updates for V4, and I’m almost refusing to work on new features until that’s complete. The Marten documentation website is moving to VitePress going forward, so it’ll be re-skinned with better search capabilities. We’re also taking this opportunity to reorganize the documentation with the hopes of making that site more useful for users.

Honestly, the biggest thing holding us back right now in my opinion is that I’ve been a little burned out and slow working on the documentation. Right now, I’m hoping we can pull the trigger on V4 in the next month or two.


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